Setup & Installation

How do I set up my Samknows unit?

For installation advice specific to your home setup, please browse to and enter your email address.

Do I use the CD included in the box to install the unit?

No. The CD is included by default in all Netgear router boxes, but it is not used for the installation of the Samknows unit.

It would be very difficult to change my network setup to a new range of IP addresses, can I still use the Samknows unit?

The Samknows unit is designed to be a router, giving out DHCP and providing its own IP range, but it can in certain cases be reconfigured to act as a bridge, passing network traffic straight through. For more information, including instructions on how to enable bridge mode on your router, please see our Bridging FAQ.

How do I know if my unit is working properly?

Your unit reports can be accessed via When your unit is successfully connected, you will be sent an email with your login details. Should you not receive these details, please contact Samknows support at

I have a VOIP system such as Vonage or HiPort. Will this work with the Samknows unit?

Most VOIP systems will work behind our router, but in some cases you may need to forward the relevant ports that the VOIP device requires on the Netgear configuration page at In networks where the Samknows unit is connected to another router, it may be more convenient to have the Samknows unit in bridge mode. For more information, please see our Bridging FAQ.

Do I have to have every network device behind the Samknows unit?

Ideally, yes. The Samknows unit will monitor the level of traffic going through it and will delay tests to ensure that the test results are not skewed by heavy usage of the line. If a device is placed ahead of the Samknows unit on the network, then the test results may end up being affected. Obviously in some circumstances this may prove to be impossible, and it could be that low-bandwidth devices would not cause enough overhead to be a problem; however, please check with Samknows support before configuring your network in this fashion.

Troubleshooting & Technical Questions

Are there any updates for my router?

Yes. We maintain our own version of Netgear's firmware, based off their latest code which is often newer than that available to standard Netgear customers. To update the router, please follow the instructions on our firmware page. Please note that the router's own updater will not check for the SamKnows firmware, so it will not report that a new firmware is available; the best way to keep updated is to visit the firmware page regularly. We strongly recommend that users update the firmware on the Netgear as soon as possible after receiving the device.

My unit has stopped reporting / has never reported.

When you are no longer seeing reports for your unit, it is best to contact Samknows support so that we can begin the troubleshooting process. However, time can be saved by attempting a simple reboot of the device by using the power button on the back of the unit. If the unit still hasn't reported 4 hours after the reboot then please contact support at

The wireless network keeps disappearing / My devices connected to the Samknows unit keep losing connectivity

Please ensure that your WhiteBox has the latest firmware installed. Instructions and the associated files can be found at the following page:

If you are still experiencing issues with your network connectivity please contact SamKnows at

How do I get access to my unit's configuration page?

Your unit can be accessed by browsing to on a PC currently connected to the unit, be it by wireless or by direct ethernet connection. You will be prompted for a username and password - please use "admin" and "password" to log in. We strongly recommend you change the password to something secure once you've logged on to the device, via "Set Password" under "Maintenance" on the left-hand side. If your Samknows unit is currently in bridge mode, please use instead.

Can I use my preferred DNS servers, such as OpenDNS or Google, without affecting the unit's reports?

The Samknows unit will test your ISP's DNS servers directly, so changing the DNS servers on the unit via the configuration page will not have an adverse effect on the test results. The DNS entries can be found on the unit configuration page under "Basic Settings".

Can the Samknows unit provide multiple wireless networks?

The Samknows unit allows you to create a secondary guest wireless network. On the router configuration page at, click on "Guest Network" under "Setup" in the left-hand menu.

Does the Samknows unit offer dual-band wireless?

No, the Samknows unit does not offer this.

How do I change my Wireless key?

The wireless key and security type can be changed on the configuration page for the unit. Click on "Wireless Settings" on the left-hand menu.

I cannot print to my wireless printer after connecting up the Samknows unit.

Please ensure that your wireless printer is connecting to the wireless network being broadcasted by the Samknows unit. If both your PC and wireless printer are on the same network and they can't see each other, check your printer's network configuration page to ensure that it is configured for DHCP (aka "automatic IP addressing") and that it is getting an IP address on the same range as your PC. If problems persist, it is worth performing a hardware reset on your printer to restore the configuration to factory defaults. This will allow the printer to pick up an IP address from the router. You may also need to reconnect your PC to the printer. Delete the printer from Printers & Faxes, and then repeat the installation of the printer as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Can I use a USB storage device connected to the Samknows unit?

Yes. We recommend you update the Samknows unit to the latest firmware before attempting this (see instructions at the bottom of this section). Once updated, the configuration page at will have USB settings on the left hand menu. The device will automatically recognise any USB storage plugged into it and can be further configured in these options.

My unit is completely broken and won't turn on!

If your unit refuses to power on, and you've confirmed that it's not a problem with the power socket, please contact support. We will arrange a replacement unit to be sent out, and provide you with details for returning the broken unit.

How do I reset the Samknows unit to defaults?

At the back of the device is a little recessed button with the words "Restore Factory Settings"written above it. The button needs a pen or similar to be pressed in. To reset the unit, turn the unit off. Hold the factory reset button in. Turn the unit back on and keep the button held in for 30 seconds. The unit should reset itset to default and reboot. You will need to log back in to the device at to reconfigure wireless settings.

General Questions

How long will the testing period last?

The initial testing period is scheduled to last two years.

Do I get to keep the Samknows unit after the testing period has elapsed?


Is the Samknows unit secure?

Yes. The Samknows unit cannot be accessed remotely unless specifically configured to allow this. While a device on your network can browse to the router configuration page with the username and password mentioned above, you are able to change these login details as you see fit.

Does the Samknows unit record my browsing habits? Can you see what my PCs are doing?

No. The Samknows unit does not interfere with your browsing or keep any records of what passes through it. The only data it collects is from the tests that the unit runs which interact with our systems and servers.

Will the unit affect my browsing or download speeds?

No. As long as the Samknows unit is routing traffic for all your network devices, it will detect when you are using your connection and will not run tests at these times. The tests themselves are short and should not adversely affect your network.